Our Hospitals

In combination with highly qualified medical staff & medical procedures using latest technologies, our associated private hospitals “CHIP International” in Málaga and the “Vithas Xanit International” in Benalmádena, we have the ability assess each individual health condition and develop personalised treatment plans for both mental and physical well-being.

Our professional medical-examinations and health-checks provide you with an in depth report which details cause, diagnosis and treatment.

You will be attended by our doctors like a VIP and whilst your test results are being analysed in the laboratory you will already be on your way to the hotel, where you will meet with your personal medical wellness coach who will discuss the final test results with you and create your conclusive treatment plan for your stay with us and beyond.

Moreover, any other special tests or medical attention can be provided immediately. Our hospitals are state of the art equipped and offer internationally experienced high class medical staff and doctors.