General care advice (cancer prevention, vaccinations, cardiovascular risk)       

  • Complete physical examination to assess general health status
  • Complete laboratory examination, including  hormonal status, virology and vitamin status
  • Examination of the heart and circulation at rest and under load (cardiac ultrasound,   vascular ultrasound of the neck vessels, ergometer)
  • Ultrasonic examination of abdominal organs (liver, bile, kidneys, pancreas, prostate, vessels and thyroid gland)
  • Lung function measurementLoad test to determine performance (lactate test, spiroergometry, bicycle ergometer, tread ergometer)  as a basis for the training recommendations
  • Further diagnostics with computer or nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, colonoscopy (colonoscopy),
  • Training recommendations for sports activities, medical training control, individual training, medical training therapy, examination of the eye and visual activity
  • Advice on healthy eating, physical activity and, if necessary, weight loss
  • Detailed final discussion on the findings and, if necessary, further therapy (preparation of a health record / plan)

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