Medical Wellness

Escape the stress of everyday life, forget about all your ongoing duties and start to become aware of your own body, mind and soul. Experience recovery, acquire new energy, obtain health. It’s time for wellness, it’s time for more vitality

 provides medical treatments which both cure and prevent illness. They give you the ability for you to enjoy healthier life.

Our foundation provides both a combination of the latest findings in medical science, together with tried and tested traditional medicine.

Our treatments assist in the recovery of existing illnesses and their symptoms, while stopping new weaknesses and their discomforts from developing.

In recent years both the developments in technology, new scientific studies and of course the understanding that medical awareness will allow preventive measures to be carried out upon early detection.

At the core of our system is the person as a whole. We provide all facets to improve health and help to prevent disease from taking hold.

Choose for example our Vitality-Create program and incorporate individually the medical modules from any of our programs together with your doctor, or select one of the “ready made” Vitality-Health Programs which suits you best right from the start.

Vitality Group health programs are tailored to diagnose, prevent and cure disease, illness and their conditions.’s time for…

Health travel” or “health holidays” are not just a modern trend of the new generation. Treatments with a combination of physical, mental and spiritual healing are proven to have a positive impacts on our health and our overall well-being. They support the prevention of common ailments and diseases like persistent headaches, burnout syndrome, high blood pressure, asthma, rheumatism and even cancer. 

Benefit from a luxurious visit to southern Spain, on the Costa del Sol in one of the best climates in Europe and be treated by experts under the guidance of experienced and internationally renowned medical professionals.

In the holiday paradise on the Bay of Málaga with its Mediterranean climate, you will stay in a boutique hotel, where everything is provided to bring back energy and activity into your body.

We offer traditional naturopathic treatments combined with the latest medical knowledge for a healthier, happier and more energetic life.