Our Resorts & Hotels

Visit our associated health hotels at Holiday World Resort on the famous Costa del Sol in Andalusia. Enjoy tailored programs for prevention and special therapies. In the beautiful province of Málaga you will discover a new way of combining health, enjoyment, nature and regeneration into a unique memorable experience for your body and mind.

With our modular programs, developed under medical supervision, our services range from sensitive detoxification processes and beauty treatments to sports science-based performance-enhancing therapies and treatments of individual health issues.

Give back your body what has been taken from it!

Our main hotel, “Holiday Hydros” has been ideally designed to stimulate all 5 senses of our guests and offers luxury suites with your own Jacuzzi and terrace with open views to the Mediterranean Sea.

Relax in the spa or by the pool and experience the most beautiful sunsets over the sea whilst having dinner with top selected food in the restaurant with chromo therapy lighting and candles.

Our health resorts are not “health centers” in a traditional sense, but places of physical and emotional renewal, highest aesthetic attentiveness with the service of top boutique hotel in a large holiday resort – a place to find you self!

With this future-oriented, health service/education concept, we want to prove to our guests that a healthy lifestyle improves the quality of life and can also give pleasure and enjoyment. People of modern society want professional medical services but not in a “clinical environment”.

To meet these requirements, we have established our own medical wellness concept! A “health and mind resort” where health and medicine, nature and aesthetics meet.